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Här visas de 100 senaste nyheterna från 50 källor av olika slag som jag personligen finner "intressanta nog", men i regel knappast gillar, sorterade efter tidpunkten då de publicerades enligt källorna.

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AI Can Predict When Patients Will Die From Heart Failure 'With 80% Accuracy'Slashdot2 tim
Google Maps Starts Showing Parking Availability For Some UsersSlashdot4 tim
The 2018 Mustang will have driver assist tech, 10-speed transmission optionArs Technica4 tim
US Antitrust Agency Sues Qualcomm Over Patent LicensingSlashdot4 tim
Gabe Newell confirms “new IP” coming from Half-Life/Portal universeArs Technica5 tim
AT&T Shuts Down 2G Network, Ends Cellular Connectivity For Original iPhoneSlashdot5 tim
Double Dragon 3 (NES) Full PlaythroughCinemassacre6 tim
Blockchain Technology Could Save Banks $12 Billion a YearSlashdot6 tim
Feds sue Qualcomm for anti-competitive patent licensingArs Technica6 tim
Windows Store will include books in Creators UpdateArs Technica6 tim
Verizon Looking To Buy Comcast or Charter, Says ReportSlashdot7 tim
Republican-controlled government sees chance to weaken Endangered Species ActArs Technica7 tim
Pat's Projects & Goals for 2017Pat the NES Punk@YT7 tim
Ny dag: onsdagen den 18:e januari anno 2017, vecka 3. ~2 besökare igår — oförändrat från i förrgår.
Under Tom Price’s ACA-killing plan, 18M lose insurance and premiums riseArs Technica7 tim
Ambulances In Sweden Will Be Able To Hijack Car Radios During EmergenciesSlashdot7 tim
It’s shockingly easy to hijack a Samsung SmartCam cameraArs Technica7 tim
President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's SentenceSlashdot8 tim
Republican-led FCC will quickly get chance to overturn ISP privacy rulesArs Technica8 tim
Chelsea Manning’s 35-year sentence commuted by ObamaArs Technica8 tim
Vive Strap Accessory with Flip-up Visor and PSVR-style Comfort Passes Crowdfunding GoalRoad to VR8 tim
At trial, Zuckerberg is “highly confident” Oculus built its own technologyArs Technica9 tim
Porn Pirates Exploit Well-Known Loophole To Upload Raunchy Videos On YouTubeSlashdot9 tim
FAA and aerial photography firm settle drone dispute for $200,000Ars Technica9 tim
Antarctic science station will empty for winter due to ice shelf cracksArs Technica9 tim
Uber Sues City of Seattle To Block Landmark Driver Union OrdinanceSlashdot9 tim
Google smartwatch reportedly packs a “Digital Crown,” launches February 9Ars Technica9 tim
A fountain of ammonia pokes holes in the Standard ModelArs Technica10 tim
Eddie Meduza Television - Avsnitt 14Eddie Meduza Television@YT10 tim
Netflix is 'Killing' DVD Sales, Research FindsSlashdot10 tim
Toshiba Might Spin Off Its Semiconductor BusinessSlashdot11 tim
Deadly superbugs may be spreading, evolving quietly among the healthyArs Technica11 tim
Windows 10 Privacy Changes Appease Watchdogs, But Still No Data 'Off-Switch'Slashdot11 tim
OSSIC CEO on Why the Future of Music is Immersive & InteractiveRoad to VR12 tim
Pat's Flea Market Selling AdventurePat the NES Punk@YT12 tim
Safari Users Unable to Play Newer 4K Video On YouTube in Native ResolutionSlashdot12 tim
Facebook's Price Tag For Oculus Actually $3 Billion, Zuckerberg Reveals in CourtSlashdot13 tim
NASA formally seeks option to buy additional Soyuz seats for 2019Ars Technica13 tim
People Don't Realize How Deep AI Already Is In So Many Things, Salesforce CEO Benioff SaysSlashdot13 tim
Report: Android Wear 2.0 to launch February 9thArs Technica13 tim
Opera Presto Source Code Leaks OnlineSlashdot14 tim
Facebook To Stop Paying Publishers To Make Live VideosSlashdot15 tim
Got this email from my university today. They often forward us large lists of potential jobs, but I...Clients From Hell15 tim
Encounters with poor people reduce support for taxes on the richArs Technica15 tim
Google Maps may soon show how difficult parking is near your destinationArs Technica15 tim
Worldwide App Downloads Grew 15% and Revenue Soared 40% in 2016Slashdot15 tim
Nintendo Switch: One last roll of the diceArs Technica15 tim
Apple App Store Prices Rise in UK, India and TurkeySlashdot16 tim
My company produced a high-end brand video for a client. They loved it, and it helped get them at...Clients From Hell16 tim
Caffeine May Counter Age-Related Inflammation, Says StudySlashdot17 tim
Scientists Turn Docile Mice Into Ruthless HuntersSlashdot20 tim
‘Siegecraft Commander’ ReviewRoad to VR20 tim
Hands-on: Intel’s Project Alloy ‘Merged Reality’ Roomscale Multiplayer DemoRoad to VR21 tim
Japanese Spacecraft Spots Massive Gravity Wave In Venus' AtmosphereSlashdot23 tim
Study Finds Link Between Profanity and HonestySlashdot1 dag
Apple To Offer 32GB of Desktop RAM, Kaby Lake In Top-End 2017 MacBook Pro, Says AnalystSlashdot1 dag
The passing of Gene Cernan reminds us how far we haven’t comeArs Technica1 dag
Oculus Accused of Destroying Evidence, Zuckerberg To Testify In $2 Billion LawsuitSlashdot1 dag
Amazon Seeks FCC Permission To Run Wireless Tests In Washington StateSlashdot1 dag
AT&T Denies Refunds For DirecTV Now Customers, Despite the Service's Performance IssuesSlashdot1 dag
Coinbase says fighting IRS subpoena could cost up to $1 millionArs Technica1 dag
ISIS Is Dropping Bombs With Drones In IraqSlashdot1 dag
Ny dag: tisdagen den 17:e januari anno 2017, vecka 3.
Nintendo Switch’s identity crisis could echo Microsoft’s Kinect disasterArs Technica1 dag
Microsoft Patent Hints At Foldable Tablet Design For Surface PhoneSlashdot1 dag
Microsoft tells corps to remember XP, migrate away from Windows 7 sooner than laterArs Technica1 dag
Raspberry Pi Upgrades Compute Module With 10 Times the CPU PerformanceSlashdot1 dag
Who’s winning the cyber war? The squirrels, of courseArs Technica1 dag
NASA Astronaut Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On the Moon, Dies At 82Slashdot1 dag
Trump team reportedly wants to strip FCC of consumer protection powersArs Technica1 dag
SNES Release Excitement!Pat the NES Punk@YT1 dag
Deaf people use their auditory cortex to process visual rhythmsArs Technica1 dag
China, Europe Drive Shift To Electric Cars as US LagsSlashdot1 dag
Oculus accused of destroying evidence, Zuckerberg to testify in VR theft trialArs Technica1 dag
US Department of Energy strengthens protections for its researchersArs Technica1 dag
“Twitter was always awake”-How one activist sees value in a maligned platformArs Technica1 dag
Apple AR/VR Product to Debut in 2017, Predicts Sony’s Head of Worldwide StudiosRoad to VR1 dag
South Korea Prosecutors Seek Arrest of Samsung Chief Jay Y Lee For BriberySlashdot1 dag
Global progress on fossil fuel subsidies has been erraticArs Technica1 dag
Biometrics leads to arrest of accused child molester on the lam 17 yearsArs Technica1 dag
Apple Exec Jimmy Iovine Confirms Company's Interest in Making 'Pop Culture' TV ShowsSlashdot1 dag
Hands-on: Huawei VR is a Cross Between Daydream View and Gear VRRoad to VR1 dag
Microsoft: Windows 7 Does Not Meet the Demands of Modern Technology; Recommends Windows 10Slashdot1 dag
Google Reveals Its Servers All Contain Custom Security SiliconSlashdot1 dag
Raspberry Pi upgrades Compute Module with 10 times the CPU performanceArs Technica2 dag
South Korean prosecutors seek arrest of head of Samsung in corruption scandalArs Technica2 dag
Nintendo says Switch won’t replace the 3DSArs Technica2 dag
Don't Call Switch a Tablet, Also It's Not Here To Oust the 3DS, Says NintendoSlashdot2 dag
The best of the rest from the 2017 North American International Auto ShowArs Technica2 dag
Pollution in ChinaADVChina@YT2 dag
Flying Car Prototype Ready By End of 2017, Says Airbus CEOSlashdot2 dag
Vivaldi is building “Opera as it should’ve been”Ars Technica2 dag
I’m a freelance graphic designer and I was commissioned to do a selection of designs including a...Clients From Hell2 dag
China Orders App Stores To Join RegisterSlashdot2 dag
Japan just tried to launch the world’s smallest orbital rocketArs Technica2 dag
Deutsche Bank Switches Off Text MessagingSlashdot2 dag
Nissan hopes to test driverless cars on London roads next monthArs Technica2 dag
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Warns Against 'Hubris' Amid AI GrowthSlashdot2 dag
Li-ion battery with built-in flame retardant could stop battery firesArs Technica2 dag
VR Interface Design Contest with $10,000 in Cash Prizes Launched by Purple PillRoad to VR2 dag
I am a web designer / developer working with a client who has pretty much zero concept of my time -...Clients From Hell2 dag
LGR Oddware - ProHance Power Mouse 100Lazy Game Reviews@YT2 dag

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