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Här visas de 100 senaste nyheterna från 53 källor av olika slag som jag personligen finner "intressanta nog", men i regel knappast gillar, sorterade efter tidpunkten då de publicerades enligt källorna.

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TransferWise Launches International Money Transfers Via FacebookSlashdot39 min
Now on Rift, ‘Tilt Brush’ is the First Google App on Facebook’s VR PlatformRoad to VR39 min
Recent meeting finds Yahoo’s badly hacked systems were still compromisedArs Technica53 min
I print photos. This client brought in and scanned an 4X6, and blew it up to 8X10. She paid and...Clients From Hell1 tim
China's Millennials Are Hustling For Part-Time Gigs Instead of Traditional JobsSlashdot1 tim
How positively peeved Pluto people plan to pluck back Pluto’s planethoodArs Technica1 tim
Gemalto Launches eSIM Technology for Windows 10 DevicesSlashdot2 tim
Blizzard ends support for Windows XP and VistaArs Technica2 tim
Apple accuses EU of a litany of “breaches” in defense of Irish tax dealArs Technica2 tim
Verizon Revises Its Deal With Yahoo, Reduces Price Of Acquisition By $350MSlashdot3 tim
IBM’s Watson proves useful at fighting cancer-except in TexasArs Technica3 tim
I was designing graphics for a TV show. The network edict was “clean and modern.” I was pretty proud...Clients From Hell3 tim
How is The New York Times Really Doing?Slashdot5 tim
Battle of the buds: how Apple AirPods stack up against other wireless earbudsArs Technica6 tim
I Need Your HELP!laowhy86@YT6 tim
New Zealand May Be the Tip of a Submerged ContinentSlashdot8 tim
On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Sony’s Head of PlayStation Magic Lab, Richard MarksRoad to VR10 tim
Why Astronauts Are Banned From Getting Drunk in SpaceSlashdot11 tim
Valve: Only 30 SteamVR Apps Have Made $250,000+ (and other truths of the young VR market)Road to VR11 tim
Apple Files 14-Point Appeal Against European Commission's $14 Billion Tax EdictSlashdot13 tim
EU Privacy Watchdogs Say Windows 10 Settings Still Raise ConcernsSlashdot15 tim
Extremely Satisfying ASMR: DIY Crunchy Fishbowl Slime, Squishy Foam Slime, and Magnetic SlimeHeatherFeather@YT16 tim
Chinese solar exports fall in 2016 with global anti-dumping measuresArs Technica16 tim
HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VRRoad to VR17 tim
Ny dag: tisdagen den 21:a februari anno 2017, vecka 8. ~3 besökare igår — 1 färre än i förrgår.
Making a different case for guns as a public health issueArs Technica19 tim
Nintendo Switch retail boxes are an ocean of wasted spaceArs Technica19 tim
Hackers who took control of PC microphones siphon >600 GB from 70 targetsArs Technica19 tim
Alwa's Awakening Gameplay Live Stream Part 5 PC/Steam - Cinemassacre PlaysCinemassacre Extra@YT19 tim
Amazon Quietly Lowered Its Free Shipping Minimum to $35Slashdot20 tim
Cabin on river Drina, border of Serbia and...Cabin Porn21 tim
‘John Wick Chronicles’ ReviewRoad to VR21 tim
Upcoming appearancesCinemassacre21 tim
Of Course Facebook Is Putting a Snapchat Clone Inside WhatsAppSlashdot21 tim
Updated WhatsApp Statuses let you share photos and videos that disappearArs Technica22 tim
The Death of the ClickSlashdot22 tim
Teen convicted of murder after Snapchatting a picture of the boy he shotArs Technica23 tim
Report: Apple is planning a top-to-bottom refresh for the iPad in MarchArs Technica23 tim
Driverless race cars dodge stray dog in Argentina-but one wipes out into a wallArs Technica23 tim
Ex-Uber engineer alleges sexual harassment, CEO reacts by promising investigationArs Technica23 tim
Microsoft Has Cancelled the Second-Gen HoloLens, Working on Third-Gen For 2019 LaunchSlashdot23 tim
Tattletail Gameplay Live Stream Part 1 PC/Steam - Cinemassacre PlaysCinemassacre Extra@YT24 tim
Gameband Retro Smartwatch for Gamers KickstarterPat the NES Punk@YT24 tim
Linksys Velop review: Fast, capable mesh Wi-Fi-but way too expensiveArs Technica24 tim
Google and Microsoft agree to demote piracy search results in the UKArs Technica1 dag
Google and Microsoft To Crackdown On Piracy Sites In Search ResultsSlashdot1 dag
A close friend referred me to one of his acquaintances, and told me that this acquaintance owned a...Clients From Hell1 dag
New PlayStation 4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy XV makes it look worseArs Technica1 dag
NASA Is Studying A Manned Trip Around The Moon On A $23 Billion RocketSlashdot1 dag
Snapchat Spectacles are now available to buy online for $129Ars Technica1 dag
Former Engineer Says Uber Is a Nightmare of Sexism; CEO Orders Urgent InvestigationSlashdot1 dag
LGR - Opening More Stuff You Sent Me!Lazy Game Reviews@YT1 dag
Client: Can you do this project for me?Me: Absolutely. How would you like it to look?The client then...Clients From Hell1 dag
Väggpost av Pepo Perez: »I'm a great Spanish fan of yours, and truly sorry for how Disney…»Don Rosa@FB1 dag
NASA Scientist Revive 10,000-Year-Old MicroorganismsSlashdot1 dag
Being alone and the life-changing ability to say noClients From Hell1 dag
Romantiker eller realist?HP-bloggen1 dag
'Counter-Strike' Gets Invaded By An Unblockable Chat-BotSlashdot1 dag
Horizon Zero Dawn is the best robot-safari adventure game ever madeArs Technica1 dag
Bully (PS2) James & Mike MondaysCinemassacre1 dag
New Zealand appeals court upholds Kim Dotcom extradition rulingArs Technica1 dag
Kim Dotcom Can Be Extradited, Rules A New Zealand CourtSlashdot1 dag
Aktuellt på Radio VikingRadio Viking1 dag
Is YouTube Illegal in China?ADVChina@YT2 dag
ZDNet: Linux 'Takes The World' While Windows Dominates The DesktopSlashdot2 dag
Linux Kernel 4.10 Officially Released With Virtual GPU SupportSlashdot2 dag
1-2-Switch Preview Event - Talk About GamesCinemassacre2 dag
Serious Computer Glitches Can Be Caused By Cosmic RaysSlashdot2 dag
Bethesda Head Affirms Ongoing Work on ‘Fallout 4 VR’, Calls it “Pretty Incredible”Road to VR2 dag
Ny dag: måndagen den 20:e februari anno 2017, vecka 8.
Google Discloses An Unpatched Windows Bug (Again)Slashdot2 dag
Trump’s apparent string of security faux-pas trigger call for House investigationArs Technica2 dag
Some Recyclers Give Up On Recycling Old Monitors And TVsSlashdot2 dag
Sunday’s launch could be the start of an annus mirabilis for SpaceXArs Technica2 dag
Watch: ‘LogiX’ is an Impressive Multi-User Visual Programming Interface for VRRoad to VR2 dag
A-frames on the lip of Mt. Nyriagongo, an active volcano in...Cabin Porn2 dag
Self-Driving Car Speed Race Ends With A CrashSlashdot2 dag
“Secure” Trump website defaced by hacker claiming to be from IraqArs Technica2 dag
Krebs: 'Men Who Sent SWAT Team, Heroin to My Home Sentenced'Slashdot2 dag
Man får rssLunarcopnyheter2 dag
Castlevania NetFlix Animated Series AnnouncedPat the NES Punk@YT2 dag
Is this what the Nintendo Switch’s insides look like?Ars Technica2 dag
New Free O'Reilly Ebook: 'Open Source In Brazil'Slashdot2 dag
Ny podd SöndagsmysLunarcopnyheter2 dag
Used Cars Can Still Be Controlled By Their Previous Owners' AppsSlashdot2 dag
A Source Code Typo Allowed An Attacker To Steal $592,000 In CryptocurrencySlashdot2 dag
Alaska Gets 'Artificial Aurora' As HAARP Antenna Array Listens AgainSlashdot2 dag
Podd söndagsmys 17Lunarcopnyheter2 dag
Cop filmed telling motorist he wanted to beat him, sic dog on himArs Technica2 dag
Watch live: SpaceX makes second attempt from historic Moon launch padArs Technica2 dag
A client came to me with a completed, and printed, design that he wasn’t happy with from another...Clients From Hell2 dag
Fans Choose A New Football Team's Plays With Their SmartphonesSlashdot2 dag
Alwa's Awakening Gameplay Live Stream PC/Steam - Cinemassacre PlaysCinemassacre Extra@YT2 dag
Techdirt Asks Judge To Dismiss Another Lawsuit By That Guy Who Didn't Invent EmailSlashdot2 dag
Slashdot Asks: Are Remote Software Teams More Productive?Slashdot3 dag
Web Comic 'Pokey The Penguin' Celebrates Its 19th AnniversarySlashdot3 dag
Should International Travelers Leave Their Phones At Home?Slashdot3 dag
RSA Conference Attendees Get HackedSlashdot3 dag
Ny dag: söndagen den 19:e februari anno 2017, vecka 7.
Software Goes Through Beta Testing. Should Online College Courses?Slashdot3 dag
German Government Tells Parents: Destroy This WiFi-Connected DollSlashdot3 dag
SAP License Fees Also Due For Indirect Users, Court RulesSlashdot3 dag
The Great Wall is my new favorite lizard monster war movieArs Technica3 dag

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