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Anmärkningar: Länkar från utlandet som tycks handla om Sverige eller svenskar på något sätt, på engelska.

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»“Sweden is a rouge state”: EXCLUSIVE Citizen Journalists’ Reports from the Front» [Pamela Geller]17 min
»KASSAM: What I Saw in Sweden Last Week is Not ‘Normal’ And Trump is Right» [Breitbart]26 min
»Farage Supports Donald Trump and Claims Swedish City Could be ‘rape capital of the world’» [Infowars]29 min
»Riots Erupt In Swedish Immigrant Town Days After Trump’s Refugee Remarks» [The Daily Caller]41 min
»Dramatic footage shows cars ablaze in Swedish riot (VIDEOS)» [RT]44 min
»Ten Reasons Sweden’s ‘Multicultural Utopia’ Is Massively Failing» [Breitbart]3 tim
»Sweden: Looting, Cars Torched, Police Attacked as Riots Break out in Migrant Suburb» [Breitbart]3 tim
»‘Trump Was Right’: Migrants Riot, Loot, Fight With Police And Set Cars On Fire In Sweden» [Infowars]5 tim
»good article re Sweden» [Stormfront]5 tim
»Journalists flock to take up far right editor's free trip to ‘crime ridden’ Swedish city» [RT]5 tim
»Vox Says Sweden’s Migrant Rape Epidemic is a Hoax Based on Irrational Fear of Non-White Sexuality» [Daily Stormer]5 tim
»SWEDEN RIOT: Police forced to shoot at protestors as violence erupts - yet PM is in denial» [Infowars]5 tim
»Rioters set cars on fire, loot shops in Stockholm suburb - police» [RT]8 tim
»Large Immigrant Riots Break Out in Sweden» [Daily Stormer]9 tim
»The Double-Standards of Filthy Swedish Whores» [Daily Stormer]10 tim
»What does an actual Swedish citizen have to say about what Trump had to say about Sweden the other day?» [Bare Nake10 tim
»Large Immigrant Riots Break Out In Sweden» [AltRight.com]11 tim
»Migrants ARE to blame for most serious crimes in Sweden, police officer reveals» [Pamela Geller]14 tim
»Rioting Breaks Out In Sweden» [Stormfront]15 tim
»LISTEN: Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity Radio talking Sweden migrant chaos and media’s war on Trump truth» [Pamela Ge15 tim
»Trump Right About Swedish Rape Epidemic» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]16 tim
»Sweden Migrant Crisis Is Red Level Terror Threat» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]17 tim
»Police knock down documentary behind Trump’s #LastNightInSweden gaffe» [RT]18 tim
»Vox’s Reporting On Sweden’s Migrant Crime Problem Was So Bad That Even Liberals Corrected Them» [The Daily Caller]19 tim
»Sweden, the disease spreads» [Stormfront]20 tim
»Totally deluded Swedish copper» [Stormfront]21 tim
»Swedish Library Bans Factual Book on Immigration, Says Contents are ‘Contrary to Human Rights’» [Breitbart]21 tim
»#SwedenAttack: The Truth About Sweden» [AltRight.com]22 tim
»“Last Night in Sweden”» [Resurgence Media Network]23 tim
»‘I saw it on Fox News’: Trump trolled mercilessly for #LastNightInSweden explanation» [RT]1 dag
»Culturally Enriched Malmo, Sweden is the Most Dangerous City in Western Europe» [Infowars]1 dag
»Is Sweden Fake Country?» [ramzpaul@YT]1 dag
»Trump’s Sweden Troll Unfolds» [Daily Stormer]1 dag
»As enemedia mocks Trump for Sweden comment, Swedish MP’s demand billions for police amid growing crisis» [Pamela Ge1 dag
»How Sweden Became an Example of How Not to Handle Immigration» [Infowars]1 dag
»Trump and The Truth About Sweden» [Infowars]1 dag
»More Mask Slippage: Sweden Edition» [Chateau Heartiste]1 dag
»Trump tweets about Immigrant Crime in Sweden» [Stormfront]2 dag
»SWEDEN: African Muslim gang attacks security guard in Stockholm subway» [Bare Naked Islam]2 dag
»Liberal Media Mocks Trump For Claim About Sweden» [The Daily Caller]2 dag
»Asylum Seeker Suicides On the Rise in Sweden» [Breitbart]2 dag
»NPR tries to play #swedenincident» [Stormfront]2 dag
»TERRIFIED SWEDES don bulletproof vests to protect themselves against Muslim violence» [Bare Naked Islam]2 dag
»#LastNightInSweden: Trump panned over fake attack gaffe, Swedes want answers» [RT]2 dag
»Sweden» [Stormfront]2 dag
»Social media users troll Trump over Sweden incident» [Infowars]2 dag
»Someone Got Raped Last Night in Sweden» [Daily Stormer]2 dag
»Sweden Needs to Raise Taxes to Pay for Migrants - Average Migrant Takes Nine Years to Get a Job» [Daily Stormer]2 dag
»SUICIDE ALERT! Leftists in Spain want to become the next Swedenstan» [Bare Naked Islam]3 dag
»Sweden needs to raise taxes to fund migrants» [Stormfront]3 dag
»Sweden Accepted 162k Refugees in 2015, Guess How Many Have Jobs» [Renegade Tribune]3 dag
»Sweden: Refugee-Terrorist Murderer Sentenced» [The New Observer]3 dag
»Russian & Swedish scientists slow down mice aging with synthetic antioxidant» [RT]4 dag
»Horrifying footage of Syrian “refugee” “asylum seeker” in Sweden emerges showing him slaughtering seven men» [Pamel4 dag
»Frightened Swedes Wear Bulletproof Vests Because of Terrorism. Parliament Cracks Down… on the Vests?!» [Infowars]4 dag
»Sweden's Fatuous Feminists» [Frontpage Mag]4 dag
»‘It must be joke’: Bitter debate in Sweden over plans to use Camel Park to integrate migrants» [RT]7 dag
»Sweden’s ‘Feminist’ Government Defends Veiling in Iran After Attacking Trump» [Breitbart]7 dag
»Do the Swedes know what Muslim migrants will do with the camel park they want to build especially for them?» [Bare8 dag
»Landmark court ruling: Swedish internet provider to block The Pirate Bay for 3 years» [RT]8 dag
»Swedish Electricity Company Pulls Out of Multicultural Malmo Citing “Security Risk”» [Infowars]8 dag
»Swedish Ministers Challenge Trump!» [ramzpaul@YT]8 dag
»The shameful hypocrisy of Swedenâs first feminist government» [Stormfront]8 dag
»The shameful hypocrisy of Sweden's first feminist Govt» [Stormfront]8 dag
»Sweden’s “first feminist government in the world” parade in hijab in submission to Iran’s Rouhani despite pleas fro9 dag
»A Hurricane of Outrage Against a Swede Who Tells the Truth on Migrant Crime» [Gates of Vienna]9 dag
»Why Swedes Will Soon Disappear From The Face Of The Earth» [Chateau Heartiste]9 dag
»Sweden Builds Camel Park to Help Integrate Migrants» [Breitbart]9 dag
»SWEDEN’S NO-GO ZONE’ CRISIS: Three police officers injured after being AMBUSHED, ATTACKED by Muslim mob» [Pamela Ge10 dag
»SWEDEN: Muslims find a new way to make themselves the “victim”» [Bare Naked Islam]11 dag
»Sweden: Three Patriots Arrested on Bombing Charges» [The New Observer]11 dag
»Swedish Journalist Exposes Awakening To Islamic Rape Culture» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]12 dag
»Two migrant jihadis arrested in Swedish terror-town of Göttingen suspected of ‘imminent terror plot’» [Pamela Geller]12 dag
»Major evacuations in train stations across Sweden after multiple bomb threats» [Pamela Geller]12 dag
»Alleged Gang Rape Shown on Facebook Shocks Sweden» [Infowars]12 dag
»Swedish National Broadcaster Journalists Sentenced to Community Work For Smuggling Syrian Migrant» [Breitbart]12 dag
»“Swedish Spring”: Citizens Demand National Conversation on Migrant Crimes After Top Cop Goes Public» [Infowars]13 dag
»Sweden: Cop Investigated for Speaking Out Against Moslem Filth» [Daily Stormer]13 dag
»Swedish veteran cop warns about immigrant crimes, whiners cry racism» [Stormfront]14 dag
»Swedish veteran cop rants about immigrant crimes on Facebook, ignites nationwide row» [RT]14 dag
»Second Swedish Police Officer Blows the Whistle on Migrant Crime Cover-Up» [Infowars]14 dag
»Swedish cop tells the truth about migrant crime» [Stormfront]15 dag
»‘Restore my liberty’: Assange hits out at UK & Sweden over embassy confinement» [RT]15 dag
»Swedish Police Chief’s Car Explodes In Stockholm» [Infowars]15 dag
»Swedish cop reported to police as a “racist” for telling the truth about mass immigration» [Infowars]15 dag
»Swedish police chief’s car explodes in Stockholm» [RT]15 dag
»Finland & Sweden mull joining UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force» [RT]15 dag
»A glimmer of hope;Swedish cop lets rip» [Stormfront]16 dag
»Norse News - Episode 1 - Sweden’s Titanic Nationalism» [AltRight.com]16 dag
»Norse News - Episode 1 - Sweden's Titanic Nationalism» [Red Ice Radio@YT]17 dag
»‘It’s weird separating girls & boys’: Sweden to ban single-sex school classrooms» [RT]17 dag
»Sweden To Ban Gender-Segregated Classrooms» [Breitbart]17 dag
»'We’re a feminist government’: Trump 'trolled' by Swedish Deputy PM (PHOTO)» [RT]18 dag
»Sweden warns UK of Brexit 'consequences» [Stormfront]18 dag
»Swedish Deputy PM Mocks Trump By Signing Climate Deal in All-Female Photo» [Breitbart]18 dag
»Sweden arrests 3 people, including neo-Nazi suspect, over asylum center attack» [Stormfront]19 dag
»Sweden extends border controls amid ‘still unclear situation’ with asylum seekers» [RT]19 dag
»Sweden: State-owned company launches campaign to replace standard Swedish with “migrant-inclusive accent”» [Pamela20 dag
»Around 1,000 Vikings descended on Lerwick, Shetland Islands, for the 2017 Up Helly Aa annual Scandinavian festival»21 dag
»Sweden vows to ‘take measures’ if port city agrees to Nord Stream-2 construction» [RT]22 dag

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