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Anmärkningar: Länkar från utlandet som tycks handla om Sverige eller svenskar på något sätt, på engelska.

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»Swedish minister meets with Swedes living in UK. Says many are considering leaving UK after experiencing xenophobia6 tim
»LAWLESS SWEDEN: Migrant migrant youths turn shopping centre into ‘NO-GO ZONE’» [Pamela Geller]17 tim
»Heroin Use Rampant Among Sweden Child Refugees: Addiction Centre» [American Renaissance]1 dag
»Leading Swedish Mall Turned Into ‘No-Go Zone’ by Migrant Teen Gangs - Report» [American Renaissance]1 dag
»Leading Swedish mall turned into No Go Zone by teen migrant gangs» [Stormfront]1 dag
»There’s An Epidemic Of Child Refugees In Sweden Using Heroin» [The Daily Caller]1 dag
»Leading Swedish mall turned into ‘no-go zone’ by migrant teen gangs - report» [RT]2 dag
»Sweden: Migrant Baby Boom Packs Hospitals; Muslim Birthrate MORE THAN DOUBLE Native Swedes» [Pamela Geller]2 dag
»Top YouTuber Swedish PewDiePie New NeoNazi Head Figure» [Stormfront]3 dag
»Muslim Immigration: 70% RISE IN SEX ATTACKS in Sweden» [Pamela Geller]3 dag
»Native Swede Birthrate: 1.82; Somalian Immigrant Birthrate: 3.9» [Daily Stormer]5 dag
»Yet another horrific story about Sweden’s Muslim immigrant rape culture» [Bare Naked Islam]5 dag
»Teenager executed in Malmö, Sweden» [Stormfront]5 dag
»Sweden: Sex Slave Discovered Chained-Up in Basement of Syrian Refugee Kebab Shop» [Daily Stormer]6 dag
»Swedish politician: - Rape by Swedish men worse than rape by immigrants» [Stormfront]6 dag
»Official Data: Sexual Assault Jumps by 70 Per Cent in Sweden» [Breitbart]7 dag
»Swedish anti-cigarette billboard ‘coughs’ when smokers walk by (VIDEO)» [RT]7 dag
»More than 60% of Swedes say US threatens world peace & security - poll» [RT]7 dag
»Sweden: 13-Year-Old Girl Locked in School Bathroom and Raped by Haji - Including Anally» [Daily Stormer]8 dag
»Haunting sound of Swedish girl’s cattle call. You MUST hear this - because some people want to ‘replace’ girls and8 dag
»Swedes celebrate 'no pants' subway ride in freezing cold» [Stormfront]9 dag
»Swedish Soldiers of Odin group involved in 'extremist' clashes» [Stormfront]10 dag
»‘Jihad! Jihad!’ Migrant Gang Turns Swedish City into War Zone» [American Renaissance]11 dag
»Shhhh…Sweden doesn’t want you to know that Muslims in Malmo turned the city into a jihadi war zone on New Year’s Ev11 dag
»NEW YEARS VIDEO - MAYHEM IN MALMO: ‘Jihad! Jihad!’ Muslim migrant hordes turns Swedish city into war zone» [Pamela12 dag
»Swedish prosecutors receive Assange interrogation report» [RT]13 dag
»‘We won’t end up like no-go zone Sweden’ - Norway MP Warns of Mass Migration Dangers» [Infowars]13 dag
»‘All those terror attacks’: Sweden’s nuclear sites to get armed guards» [RT]13 dag
»Ziocucks Lose! Israeli Government Condemns Fawning Swedish and Austrian “Alt-Lite”» [Daily Stormer]13 dag
»Sweden: Muslim migrants throw firecracker at baby» [Infowars]14 dag
»Sweden War Zone: Muslim mobs hurl grenade at police & send explosives into crowds» [Pamela Geller]14 dag
»RT Video - Sweden: New Years Eve chaos in islamised Malmo as revelers battle with fireworks» [Stormfront]14 dag
»Muslim Migrants Angry with Sweden: Expected ‘Own House’, Girlfriend» [Pamela Geller]15 dag
»Tom Goodrich with Ann from Sweden - Wrap-up Page - 12.31.16» [Inside the Eye - Live!]15 dag
»Bedlam: Video Shows Migrants in Sweden Aiming Fireworks at People» [Infowars]15 dag
»New Year’s Eve in Vibrant Malmö, Sweden» [Daily Stormer]16 dag
»Sweden plans to kill 24 wolves» [Stormfront]16 dag
»Swedish Mother Gang-Raped - 48 Semen Stains» [Daily Stormer]16 dag
»END OF LIBERAL SWEDEN: Migrants must PROVE identity if they want protection, MP demands» [Stormfront]16 dag
»SWEDEN: “She is a whore,” says one of at least nine Afghan Muslim savages who gang-raped Swedish mother of two» [Ba17 dag
»SWEDEN: Muslim migrant freeloaders angry that they haven’t been given nice houses, instead of small apartments, to17 dag
»Sweden - Judge refuses prosecutor request to deport 5 Afghan "Child Refugees" who gang raped and beat a younger boy17 dag
»Swedish court gives green light for controversial wolf hunt» [RT]17 dag
»Sweden Protects Migrant Rapists, Won’t Deport Them For Raping Boy» [Pamela Geller]18 dag
»Sweden: Afghans Convicted of Gang-Raping Little Boy (Also Afghan) - Won’t be Deported» [Daily Stormer]18 dag
»SWEDEN: Five Afghan Muslim teenagers convicted of gang-raping a boy at knife-point, but NONE will be deported becau18 dag
»Sweden Most Tolerant of Rape» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]18 dag
»Sweden, The Most Tolerant Country For Rapists» [Infowars]18 dag
»Swede Feminist Hits Back Against Accusations She Hates the Kikes» [Daily Stormer]18 dag
»Syrian Asylum Seeker In Sweden Charged With War Crimes» [Pamela Geller]18 dag
»Afghan Teens Convicted of Gang Rape in Sweden Won’t Be Deported, Because It’s ‘Too Dangerous’» [The Daily Caller]18 dag
»Sweden: Right-wing movements increasingly spread their propaganda via podcasts-Have created their own social media»19 dag
»Sweden hits back at anti-Semitism accusations» [Stormfront]20 dag
»Swedish Government is Afraid of the Swedes» [Stormfront]20 dag
»Will Swedish Men Awaken?» [Chateau Heartiste]21 dag
»SWEDISH SCHOOLS collapsing in violence, sexual harassment of young children, and charges of ‘not being Muslim enoug23 dag
»Only 2% potential migrants amid 10,000 rejected boarding Denmark-Sweden ferry» [RT]24 dag
»Ingrid & Conrad - Merry Yule: Swedish Government is Afraid of the Swedes» [Red Ice Radio@YT]25 dag
»Swedish officials wants more immigrants» [Stormfront]26 dag
»Swedish ‘Dr. Anal’ to continue practice despite controversial massage ‘cures’» [RT]27 dag
»‘White Power’ Causes Islamism: Sweden’s New Extremism Tsar» [Breitbart]27 dag
»SWEDEN: Black Lucia, Muslim Rapper - St. Lucy's Day butchered by Political Correctness & State TV» [Stormfront]29 dag
»Sweden: Black Lucia, Moslem Rapper - St. Lucy’s Day Butchered by Political Correctness & State TV» [Daily Stormer]30 dag
»Video: the Stockholm Syndrome, Sweden confronts its migrant rape crisis by doing nothing» [Stormfront]32 dag
»Video: Stockholm Syndrome» [American Renaissance]32 dag
»Swedish Villagers Told to Get Ready for War with Russia» [Daily Stormer]33 dag
»Sweden tells municipalities to prepare for war» [Pamela Geller]34 dag
»Muslim men beat Swedish anti-racist TV star because he looked like Mr. Trump» [Stormfront]34 dag
»Swedish court rejects ex-Yukos shareholders claim against Russia» [RT]34 dag
»Sweden to present new national gender equality authority» [Stormfront]34 dag
»Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Beaten in Swedish No-Go Zone: ‘I Can Tell You for a Fact They Exist’» [Breitbart]34 dag
»Cities in Sweden Told to Prepare For War» [Infowars]35 dag
»Sweden tells municipalities to prepare for war» [RT]35 dag
»Sweden: Muslims in No-Go Zone Attack Filmmaker Ami Horowitz» [Pamela Geller]35 dag
»Sweden is on the fast tract to become a 3rd World Country» [Stormfront]35 dag
»Filmmaker Ami Horowitz Attacked by Muslim Gang in Swedish No-Go Zone» [Infowars]36 dag
»SWEDEN: That was then…this is now…thanks to the Muslim invasion» [Bare Naked Islam]36 dag
»âActivistâ staff ignore Swedenâs new asylum policy and prevent attempts to deport migrants» [Stormfront]36 dag
»U.S. Film Maker punched, kicked, and choked by Muslims in one of the 55 ‘NO-GO’ (for non-Muslims) Zones of Sweden»36 dag
»6 students stabbed in Göteborg Sweden» [Stormfront]37 dag
»Swedish winter tradition disappearing because it is 'too Swedish'» [Stormfront]37 dag
»Finally, the Swedish are beginning to awaken...» [Stormfront]37 dag
»Sweden Runs Out of Garbage, Imports from other Countries» [Infowars]37 dag
»Sweden's immune system finally kicks in» [Stormfront]38 dag
»‘Anonymouse’ opens miniature restaurant for rodents in Sweden (IMAGES)» [RT]38 dag
»SWEDEN: Chaos boils over with more cars going up in flame as violent Muslim invaders attack police officers» [Bare38 dag
»Swedish neo-Nazis rapidly recruiting - report» [RT]39 dag
»SWEDEN COVER-UP: Church officials try, but aren’t able to hide the true identity of the so-called “new clientele,”39 dag
»RIP Sweden, land of Vikings no more» [Stormfront]39 dag
»The new Sweden: Muslim migrants defecate, urinate, and masturbate in Church pews» [Stormfront]40 dag
»What are Swedish values? Many Swedes are unsure» [Stormfront]41 dag
»Sweden demands Facebook censor 'hate'» [Stormfront]41 dag
»Migrant Rape Wave Hits Sweden» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]41 dag
»Julian Assange Releases Full Testimony to Swedish Prosecutors Six Years after Rape Allegation» [Infowars]41 dag
»Sweden Threatens Action if Facebook Fails to Censor ‘Hate’, ‘Fake News’» [Breitbart]42 dag
»Swedish security guards brutally attacked by vicious gang on Stockholm subway» [Stormfront]42 dag
»Sweden charges 5 teenage refugees with beating, gang-raping boy for over an hour» [Infowars]42 dag
»Iraqi man jailed for war crimes in Sweden after posting pic with ‘ISIS fighter’s decapitated head’» [RT]42 dag
»Swedish Rap Video Promotes Interbreeding with Animals» [Daily Stormer]42 dag
»Assange releases full testimony to Swedish prosecutors after 6yrs in Ecuador embassy» [RT]42 dag

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