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Anmärkningar: Länkar från utlandet som tycks handla om Sverige eller svenskar på något sätt, på engelska.

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»Poll: Huge Shift in Sweden as Majority Now Want Fewer Asylum Seekers» [Breitbart]8 tim
»In Sweden, gang-raping an unconscious woman and streaming everything on Facebook gets you 2.5 years in prison» [Sto1 dag
»Three Men Jailed In Sweden For Gang Rape Streamed Live On Facebook» [The Daily Caller]1 dag
»Trio behind live-streamed Facebook rape gets jail sentences in Sweden» [RT]1 dag
»Sweden Jails Trio for Facebook Livestream Gang Rape» [Breitbart]1 dag
»Sweden Has Turned a Corner» [Gates of Vienna]1 dag
»Norse News Episode 3» [AltRight.com]2 dag
»Attention Sweden / Finland Ice Hockey Fans» [Stormfront]2 dag
»Norse News - Episode 3 - Terrorizing the Swedes» [Red Ice Radio@YT]2 dag
»Swedish midwife to take abortion beliefs fight to higher European Court» [Fox News]2 dag
»Police weren’t equipped to protect themselves & others during Stockholm truck attack - reports» [RT]3 dag
»Sweden: No Rape Charges for Haji Anal Rapist of 14-Year-Old Because He Didn’t Understand the Word “No”» [Daily Stor3 dag
»Nazis Unveil Pro-Hitler Banner In Sweden» [Infostormer]4 dag
»Suspected Stockholm truck attacker involved in 'extensive IDs trade' in Sweden - report» [RT]4 dag
»Pro-Hitler Banner Unveiled in Sweden!» [Daily Stormer]4 dag
»Nordic Resistance Movement to attend iconic Swedish political festival» [Stormfront]5 dag
»The Nordic Resistance Movement will participate at Sweden's most famous yearly political forum» [Stormfront]5 dag
»Muslim Rapist Set Free In Sweden For Cultural Tollerance» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]5 dag
»Video: Swedish Multiculturalism Put To The Test» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]5 dag
»Swedish Journalist Speaks Out Against Immigrant Violence» [Infowars]5 dag
»Swedish Journalist Speaks Out Against Immigrant Violence» [TheAlexJonesChannel@YT]6 dag
»Sweden Prime Minister Poses with Black Who Raped 80-Year-Old Woman» [Daily Stormer]9 dag
»Swedish newspaper actually suggests BANNING CARS to stop future terrorist attacks» [Pamela Geller]11 dag
»Meanwhile, in Swedecuckistan…» [Daily Stormer]12 dag
»Nordic Frontier #14: #StockholmTerrorTruck, Marxist Brainwashing and a Special Guest» [Daily Stormer]12 dag
»The Failure of Open Borders in Germany and Sweden» [American Renaissance]12 dag
»Sweden here: We're not done yet.» [Stormfront]12 dag
»African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage» [Stormfront]12 dag
»One of the Victims in Stockholm Was a “Refugees Welcome” Activist» [Gates of Vienna]12 dag
»African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage» [Infowars]12 dag
»Sweden is Dying: TV Ad declares, "The New Country" - Ethnic Swedes will be replaced» [Stormfront]12 dag
»Sweden Army Recruitment Agency releases a new ad video: A boy becoming a transvestite» [Stormfront]12 dag
»African migrants get 1 and 2 year sentences for raping Swedish teen and causing brain damage to friend» [Stormfront]12 dag
»Swedish Economist: Illegal Migration Not Essential to Economy» [Breitbart]12 dag
»Swedish Nightmare: African Migrants Rape Teen Girl, Leave Male Friend Permanently Brain Damaged» [Infowars]12 dag
»Stockholm Truck Jihad Suspect Is ISIS Soldier, Uzbekistan FM Confirms» [Infowars]12 dag
»Midwives Must Perform Abortions, Says Swedish Court» [The Daily Caller]12 dag
»African Migrants Brutally Rape Swedish Teen, Leave Male Friend with Brain Damage» [Breitbart]12 dag
»Suspect in Stockholm attack that killed 4 & injured 15 is ISIS member - Uzbekistan FM» [RT]13 dag
»The Failure of Open Borders in Germany and Sweden» [Frontpage Mag]13 dag
»Sweden Scurries to Find 10,000 Refugees-in-Hiding» [Pamela Geller]13 dag
»Muslims who livestreamed gang rape of Swedish girl will not be deported» [Stormfront]13 dag
»SWEDEN: Why would a Muslim immigrant join the anti-Muslim immigration party - the Sweden Democrats?» [Bare Naked Is13 dag
»Facebook Rapists Will Not Be Deported from Sweden» [Stormfront]13 dag
»#1917LIVE: Lenin arrives in Stockholm after ‘sealed train’ trip through Germany (PHOTO)» [RT]13 dag
»Swedish PM: Sweden will ‘NEVER GO BACK’ to mass immigration» [Pamela Geller]13 dag
»Facebook Rapists Will Not Be Deported from Sweden» [Breitbart]13 dag
»Sweden: Facebook Gang-Rapists will Not be Deported» [Daily Stormer]14 dag
»Sweden Terrorist Attack» [Daily Stormer]14 dag
»Parents of 11-Year-Old Girl Killed in Sweden Truck Attack Speak Out» [Breitbart]14 dag
»SWEDEN: “Humanizing” Islamic terrorists is more important than ever after Islamic terrorist attack in Stockholm» [B14 dag
»SWEDEN’S largest newspaper knows how to stop Islamic terrorism: “BAN VEHICLES”» [Bare Naked Islam]14 dag
»Swedish midwife loses fight to be exempt from performing abortions» [Fox News]14 dag
»Sweden wants more manpower to find 10K rejected refugees in hiding after one commits terror attack» [RT]14 dag
»Swedish Theatre: Play ‘Humanising’ Terrorists Is ‘Particularly Important’ after Stockholm Attack» [Breitbart]14 dag
»Swedish Anti-Mass Migration Party Score Record Polling Numbers after Attack» [Breitbart]14 dag
»Swedish Journo: Sweden Will Collapse Without Illegal Migrants» [Breitbart]14 dag
»UK PM Theresa May offers to work with Swedish PM Stefan Lofven against “extremist attacks”» [Pamela Geller]14 dag
»Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf: “Sweden is…and will continue to be a safe and peaceful country”» [Pamela Geller]14 dag
»Sweden teaches immigrants how to have gay sex.» [Stormfront]15 dag
»Ban cars or ban muslims? swedes asked» [AltRight.com]15 dag
»Sweden: Press Unironically Calling for Ban on Cars After Truck-Jihad» [Daily Stormer]15 dag
»Sweden halts and limits postal deliveries to migrant "no go zones"» [Stormfront]15 dag
»‘For our staff’s safety’: Sweden’s postal service limits mail delivery to ‘no-go’ migrant district» [RT]15 dag
»Major Swedish Newspaper Calls For Ban On Cars to Fight Terrorism» [Infowars]15 dag
»Stockholm Terrorist Says Attack Was Revenge For ‘Bombings In Syria’» [The Daily Caller]15 dag
»Play with Fire, you get Burned: ‘Activist’ Who Helped Migrants was FIRST VICTIM in Stockholm Terror Attack!» [Resur15 dag
»SWEDEN: There’s no turning back» [Bare Naked Islam]15 dag
»‘Ban Cars to Stop Terror’ Says Sweden’s Best-Selling Newspaper After Stockholm Attack» [Breitbart]15 dag
»Swedish mail firm halts deliveries to Muslim ‘no-go zone’ because it is too dangerous» [Pamela Geller]15 dag
»‘I’m pleased with what I’ve done’: Stockholm jihadi murderer says he ‘achieved what he set out to do’» [Pamela Geller]15 dag
»Stockholm Attack Suspect Admits to ‘Terror Crime’» [Breitbart]15 dag
»Why deporting the Stockholm truck jihadist (a failed asylum seekeer) to Uzbekistan was not a straightforward task»15 dag
»Anti Mass-Migration Party Leader: ‘Massive Scandal’ That Stockholm Killer Wasn’t Deported» [Breitbart]15 dag
»Stockholm truck attack suspect admits guilt, lawyer says» [Fox News]15 dag
»Sweden Teaches Migrants How to Have Gay Sex» [Daily Stormer]15 dag
»Merkeling Mayhem / Womyn DO Chess & Sweden YES!» [Daily Stormer]15 dag
Poppis: »HAHAHAHAHA: Slut Who Worked Helping Failed Refugees Named as Victim of Stockholm Attack» [Daily Stormer]15 dag
»Stockholm Attack Victim Was Psychiatrist ‘Committed to Helping Asylum Seekers’ Facing Deportation» [Breitbart]15 dag
»Suspect in Stockholm truck ramming attack admits guilt, lawyer says» [Fox News]15 dag
»Postal Service Suspended In Swedish “No-Go” Zone Because It’s “Not Safe”» [Infowars]16 dag
»Sweden Teaches Migrants How to Have Gay Sex» [Red Ice Radio@YT]16 dag
»Swedish model race traitor Elin Nordegren goes back to white after being burned by black Tiger Woods» [Stormfront]16 dag
»"Belgian psychologist who helped failed asylum seekers being deported is named as Stockholm terror attack victim"»16 dag
»'Swedish Conditions'» [Frontpage Mag]16 dag
»Swedenâs Cucked Prime Minister Says âTheyâll Never Go Back To The Days Of Mass Immigrationâ» [Infostormer]16 dag
»Remember the dog killed in the Islamic terrorist truck attack in Stockholm?» [Bare Naked Islam]16 dag
»Sweden-Attorney General launches investigation into Police Chief tweet calling for violent islamists to be deported16 dag
»Spotify Executive Confirmed as British Victim of Sweden Terror Attack» [Breitbart]16 dag
»Video: I Was Right About Sweden» [Infowars]16 dag
»I was right about sweden» [Paul Joseph Watson@YT]16 dag
»Sweden Will ‘Never Go Back’ to Mass Immigration After Stockholm Terror, Says Shocked PM» [American Renaissance]16 dag
»Sweden will ‘never go back’ to the days of mass immigration after failed asylum seeker launched Friday’s truck atta16 dag
»Swedish Police Chief Shut Down By Interior Minister After Call to Deport Terror Suspects» [Breitbart]16 dag
»Swede PM: “We Will Never Go Back to the Days of Mass Immigration”» [Daily Stormer]16 dag
»Stockholm terror: Sweden will 'never go back' to mass immigration, PM reacts - London terror attack: UK police hono16 dag
»Dear Islamic terrorists, don’t strike Sweden. It is already Eurabia.» [Pamela Geller]16 dag
»Swedish Prime Minister ‘Frustrated’ Terrorist Was Failed Asylum Seeker» [Breitbart]16 dag
»Swedish Police Pelted With Rocks While Arresting Terror Suspect In Migrant “No-Go Zone”» [Infowars]17 dag
»Ordered Censored by Trump: Swedish Medical Associations Says White Helmets Murdered Kids for Fake Gas Attack Videos17 dag

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