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Swedish Public Service: a "story" about discrimination11 tim
Saving the Swedish Green Party12 tim
French election: Macron, the anti democrat banker. Are they popular in France?1 dag
Le Pen vs Macron. Do you French want more of the same crap?3 dag
French election today: Some observation from Sweden and hopes for a FREXIT4 dag
Important celebrities who said they would leave the US if Trump won4 dag
Short skirts manifesto is racist according to Swedish Hip Hop artist Adam Tensta5 dag
Algerian asshole blackmails Swedish migration agency: ¨Give me more money or I wont leave¨6 dag
Sweden News Parody: PM Stefan Löfven discuss EU and terrorist attack7 dag
Vaccinations, sugar, war and "experts"9 dag
The EU asylum quota idea is fucked. The Czechs accepted 12. "That's it!"9 dag
Sweden new poll: Opening border Green Party out10 dag
The chances of Sweden turning this around and making this a nice country again11 dag
Multicultural Sweden: Child marriage and rape11 dag
Brexit: Britain is healthy and disobedient. Will France prove to be as healthy?12 dag
The Sweden situation: What would Asterix do? Put up flowers?12 dag
Sweden: Short shorts and skirts bringing dogs manifestation in bearded men area13 dag
The Stockholm attack: Who and what to blame14 dag
Sweden after terrorist attack: Anger and clown politicians Morgan Johansson and Anders Ygeman16 dag
Uzbeki terrorist killed Belgian and British citizens in Sweden17 dag
The Stockholm truck attack: Where's the anger?18 dag
Stockholm city terrorist truck attack - one man caught19 dag
Stockholm: Truck used in terrorist attack (7Apr2017)19 dag
Now Stockholm City terrorist attack19 dag
Swedish PC comedian suddenly upset about gender segration on islamic school bus19 dag
Swedish media reactions to the "gas attack" in Syria20 dag
Swedish PM shocked over gender segregation. The globalist A-plan22 dag
Sweden: Finally some good news on SWEXIT!23 dag
Pepper spray sales through the roof in Sweden24 dag
Brexit: The sad little British man James Sheerin and his passport25 dag
Former kid's show host Alice Bah Kuhnke dealing with ISIS warriors in Sweden26 dag
Sweden: Fascinating reactions to muslim speech. Even Jonas Gardell had something to say27 dag
Sweden and nice weather means raping season28 dag
Nigel Farage unexpected appearance on Swedish TV - Brexit28 dag
How Sweden will age test asylum seekers without offending anyone29 dag
Abortion vs adoption: Reactions to the last video29 dag
Sweden: 38000 abortions per year. Let's talk about the rights of the unborn.31 dag
Surprising Swedish poll result: SD second biggest party according to "approved" institute33 dag
About 'Pissed Off Father', Swedish video blogger and if it's worth it34 dag
Sweden: 3 men provoked by women in public, calls them whores and breaks a guy's leg36 dag
Sweden: Tim Pool, Trump and where the hell are the Vikings?37 dag
Swedish feminist Linnea Claesson exposing idiots for what they are - idiots38 dag
Relationship traps - MGTOW40 dag
Former boxer Paolo Roberto makes a joke and Swedish feminists deeply offended40 dag
Dutch election: "Victory for EU", says Swedish liberal clown Birgitta Olsson40 dag
Experiment: How quickly can Sweden be turned into a mess?41 dag
Violence: Swedish politicians freeze. We need Rambo, Schwarzenegger and Steven Seagal42 dag
Pricks discussing BREXIT in Swedish public service TV44 dag
HBTQ smarter in the Netherlands compared to Sweden?44 dag
Trump was wrong about Sweden? Then who wants to build police hq in Swedish no go zone Rinkeby?47 dag
How to use Swedish media to find good politicians like Trump, Farage, Le Pen and Orban47 dag
Some things I don't understand48 dag
Sweden and crimes: New revealing letter from police officer Peter Springare49 dag
Sweden: What happened to the 5 Afganis who raped a 12 year old boy49 dag
Weird reporter at swedish ski race: "There's a lot of white men here!"51 dag
Swedish News Parody: Fact checking Trump and Katerina Janouch51 dag
The answer to Sweden situation: Masculinity! - MGTOW52 dag
Swedish minister on BBC - disaster53 dag
Being a man in Sweden, probably the most feministic country in the world - MGTOW54 dag
Swedish EU media silence. Wont talk Wilders, Trump, Brexit or Greece55 dag
Swedish migration cost comparison56 dag
Ambulance staff experience: Swedish no go zones growing and growing57 dag
Poppis: When Swedes realize that Trump cares more about Sweden than their own PM58 dag
Sweden: Election poll result in favour of Nationalist party banned by mainstream media59 dag
Swedish News: The Syrian war, Trump, Putin and the next Swedish election61 dag
Swedish Social democrats getting tough on fake news after Trump attack62 dag
Sweden: Police officer Peter Springare on popular TV crime show63 dag
Trump was right in putting attention on what's going on in Sweden64 dag
Sweden: Afgan child rapist claim to be 15, prosecutor says he's 4566 dag
Trump talk Sweden based on Ami Horowitz story66 dag
Hanif Bali, the tiger politician Sweden desperately needs67 dag
Sweden good news: Police officer Peter Springare becoming a celebrity67 dag
Hippo of the week award goes to Tony Blair68 dag
My video blog: rules and realizations69 dag
Canada: Justin Trudeau and the "crime of islamophobia"69 dag
Why multiculturalism is a bad word in Sweden70 dag
Sweden: Listening to Sanna Lundell and Marcus Birro talks about Islamic terror71 dag
Swedish PM Stefan Löfven visits Iran while he won't listen to the Swedes72 dag
Poppis: Patetisk Patrik Markström, grundare av Fb-gruppen Stå upp för Peter Springare73 dag
On After Brexit - The battle for Europe. The clowns Guy Verhofstadt and Martin Schulz73 dag
Sweden: Police officer Peter Springare keeps his promise, posts again about crimes74 dag
How to make money in Sweden on criminals and muslim radicalization75 dag
Sweden: I support Peter Springare - postcard to PM76 dag
Sweden: Thank you Jimmie Åkesson for bringing up the EU issue again76 dag
Sweden's filthy censorship is going thanks to police officer Peter Springare77 dag
Sweden: Islamists, the Green Party and the Communist Party78 dag
Swedish policeman Peter Springare goes public: What are the crimes and who's committing them79 dag
Article Aftonbladet, August 201680 dag
Sweden: Marcus Birro is back from the cold / questions about the Israel-Palestine conflict83 dag
Swedish journalists are fucked and desperate. Björn Häger tries to show insight84 dag
On the Trump travel ban and Merkel visiting Sweden85 dag
Sweden: My chat with a Pakistani muslim woman88 dag
Donald Trump and Theresa May bonding is killing EU89 dag
Stefan Löfven: "Snälla, snälla, låt mig regera en tid till!"89 dag
Sweden: Crazy quotes from Social democrats Anders Ygeman and Stefan Löfven92 dag
Sweden: Disgusting rape in Uppsala plus some good news about Katerina Janouch94 dag
Stefan Löfvens insikt: Jag är körd!96 dag
Tilde de Paula blinkar när Hasse Aro berättar om brottsökningen99 dag
Nästa svenska val, ett blodbad. Mattias Karlsson (SD), enda politiker i viktig debatt99 dag

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